1.Tech Tats

Tech Tats a few years ago specialists from the chaotic moon studio showed an invention that can significantly change people’s lives the project known as Tech Tats is a series of special tattoos that can prevent people from having to under go medical check-ups the tech tats developers suggest tattooing the body once a year the built in sensors will collect all medical information about the body and send it to the doctors if there’s a problem the sensor will recognize it and register it another potential application is data storage these tattoos can be used as credit cards to pay at the supermarket.

2. Make Fit

Make your fit the invention you see in the picture will appeal to people who like walking barefoot these are unique adhesive soles that can be used on the beach or while hanging out by the pool they provide optimum protection against sharp objects and reduce the risk of slipping the advantage is that the person wearing the soles will no longer have to constantly put on and take off their flip-flops worrying about loosing them make a fit ideas firmly to the sole of your foot even if you’re underwater meanwhile the foot remains clean and dry make a fit is heat resistant so you can walk on hot sand and rocks without worrying – they can even be used in the sauna a set of ten pairs costs 34$.

3. Futuristics Sink

Futuristics sink some inventions become popular long after their creation and this is exactly what happened in this case this sink was created about 10years ago but people noticed it only a couple of months ago this unique hi-tech sink was developed by the Turkish specialists Osman cannas Kenley and bottom an envelope it can be found in the office of the developer and president of Oz PAC the sink has a futuristic look and will be appraised by lovers of unusual interiors.

4. Ozmo

Ozmo the modern world is increasingly robotic which makes people worried will machines completely replace people in the future the specialists as skyline robotics created the invention you see on the screen and they have a difference opinion they believe machines will only replace people in hazardous occupations and that’s why they’re designed ozmo according to the creators the glass surface of an average skyscraper is about 28 thousand square meters cleaning such an area using traditional methods takes about two and a half months meanwhile by using Ozmo two operators can do the same job in about a week it is important to notes that the operators control the robot from a safe place the benefits of this window cleaner include the ability to recognize convex objects.

Osmo is aware that the window in front of it is open and adjusts its route to avoid damaging it computer vision and sensors also help to recognize people looking out of the window in order to not hurt them accidentally

5. Magic Leap 1

Magic Leap 1 the technology you will allow everyone to experience augmented reality just incase let’s clarify the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality the first one has nothing to do with the real world and immerses the person in a completely new world while augmented reality transforms the space around us magic leap one creates interactive elements in real time you can organize a medieval battle in the kitchen or have the Star Wars characters wander around your petri currently several manufacturers are developing augmented reality glasses however magic leap one has a more compact and comfortable design than for example the holo lens or the oculus rift virtual reality glasses magic leap 1 is a unique device these glasses are able to remember the location of the floor walls ceilings and other objects in the room this allows you to interact with the world around you much more easily in addition the person can place digital objects in the space easily for example this whale jumps out of the floor and not out of nowhere the glasses are controlled by the voice the gestures and position of the head are even able to respond to your eye movements magic leap one can be used to play games or surf the Internet the device is suitable for virtual meetings with other people expanding creative possibilities it can also display a screen with some information in front of the users eyes unfortunately virtual objects do not cover the entire field of vision of the person but are limited to a small area in front of the eyes still magic leap one works in a much larger area than its analogues this gadget works in conjunction with a small computer you can attach it to your pocket or hang it on a shoulder strap magic leap 1 can be used by both creative professionals and entrepreneur show ever the possibilities are almost limitless and the manufacturer keeps working to improve the products.

6. ScUber

ScUber just a year ago uber announced that it was about to launch an underwater taxi in Australia many people know that the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space but now anyone can see it up close if you are lucky of course scuba is a two seater submarine.

Which unfortunately will work for a short period of time the underwater taxi will work from the 27th of May to the 18th of June in 2019 a trip for two people will cost about $3,000 for this price travelers will be taken by helicopter to the dock and from there the submarine will take them in an hour-long trip near the barrier reef at a depth of 30 meters the transparent glass capsule will allow you to enjoy the panoramic views it’s almost like diving but more convenient and spectacular your visual field is not limited by a mask there are no bubble sand you don’t hear your breathing all the time it should be noted that tourists from the USA Canada Australia New Zealand as well as England and France can win a scuba trip however the number of trips is very limited the developers want to see how popular the service will be if it is successful it will become a permanent project allowing a large number of people to see the Great Barrier Reef with their own eyes you.

7. Bloke Belong

Bloke Belong today was developed by a team of researchers at the University of California Berkeley the blue robot embodies the latest advances inartificial intelligence in addition thanks to deep reinforcement learning the robot can solve complex problems that for a long time can only be solved by humans the problem with modern robots is that they are expensive and designed around the principle of very high precision and repeated motions blue doesn’t have these problems the total cost of the parts is about three thousand dollars when assembled the price increases to five thousand dollars at the same time blue is a step forward in the creation of dynamic and responsive robots like people they will use their eyesight and their tactile skills to make decisions blue is sensitive to external factors and calculates.

Its own strength every second the size of the mechanized arms is comparable to the size of a body builders arms and just like a person the robot contends its arms or relax them pay attention to the joints that move in the same way as the shoulders elbows and wrists of a human thus blue copies of persons movements with high precision its dexterity is enough to prepare a coffee although this task is still very very difficult for the robot at the moment blue lacks some precision and strength however artificial intelligence can compensate for this deficiency

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